Boys don't fly


Boys Don't Fly is a children's picture book about a young boy and his search for adventure. 

While exploring the jungle, our young hero encounters several animal friends who each have a unique ability. Unfortunately, he is unable to imitate them when they use wings to fly, swim fast with flippers, or carry heavy objects with a giant trunk. When the boy returns home, his Grandmother teaches him a valuable lesson about what makes him special.

Boys Don't Fly was created by Cassie and Ryan Ehrenberg and published in June 2017 by Inkton Press.

Boys Don't Fly  in Skylight Books

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Appearing in the May 2018 Scholastic Book Club FireFly flyer


Boys Don't Fly began with a successful Kickstarter campaign. We raised enough to start Inkton Press and fund our first printing! Watch our campaign video above or visit our Kickstarter spotlight page for more information.

scholastic book club

In 2018, Boys Don't Fly was reprinted by the Scholastic Book Club. It appeared in the February 2018 Seesaw and May 2018 FireFly flyers.