Exciting news for Boys Don't Fly!

Hey there, everyone!  

Do you remember going to school and, during a special week, there would be a room filled with books available for sale? It was one of my favorite times of the year - the Scholastic Book Fair!  

Well, after months of behind the scenes work and discussions, we have an announcement that we can finally share. Scholastic is going to publish a version of Boys Don’t Fly for its Scholastic Book Clubs and it will also be available in their Book Fairs! Currently, we're slated for release in the Book Club in early 2018 so it should appear in the classroom flyers and the website at that time. If you are a teacher or have children in school (or know someone else who does), we’d greatly appreciate your support in promoting the book!  

We were able to stop by Scholastic’s New York office recently and got to meet some of the key people responsible for this opportunity. Needless to say, we are beyond excited for this new chapter in our book’s story, and we are very grateful for a partner like Scholastic!

We'll keep you posted if the timeline for the Book Club release changes. That's all for now. 

Thanks for the continued support!
Cassie + Ryan